This year Wool4School invites students to design a multi-functional outfit which truly highlights innovation and your creativity as a designer. From dresses turning into handbags, jumpers which can be worn as a skirt, or trousers becoming shorts - the possibilities are endless but versatility is essential. The outfit must contain a minimum 80% Merino wool and can consist of one to four items to complete the look. This is purely a design competition, you don’t actually need to make the outfit; we just want your sketched designs. So get designing, encourage your friends and teachers to join the nation’s favourite school design competition, Wool4School.

You could be the next Wool4School winner, follow this step-by-step guide to entering:

Step 1

Register your participation and receive up-to-date information about the competition and inspiration.

Step 2

Download the Student Booklet to assist with your design and learnings on Merino wool. Using the booklet, design an innovative and creative outfit.

Step 3

Understand your deliverables based on your year level.


Mood board
Illustration with annotations


Mood board
Illustration with annotations
Creative statement

Step 4

Submit your design.